Tools to Download

Object Formats:

The GNUH8 / GNUSH tool chains provided on the website are of two object file formats i.e. ELF (Executable & Linking Format) and COFF (Common Object File Format).

Consider following points while choosing between the two formats.

ELF Format: (Recommended)

  1. Is more recent, contains more information.
  2. Supports relocatable code.
  3. Includes debug information.
  4. Permits the section alignment to set on the section-to-section basis. But there is a high overhead attached to this feature.
    Please refer

COFF Format:

  1. It produces slightly compact output.
  2. Ability to debug is less, compared to ELF.
  3. The directory information is not included in the debugging output. Therefore while debugging the output and the source files are required in the same directory.

Tool chain versions:

There are at the most two versions available on the website.

It is recommended to always use the latest version. The latest versions of the tool chains are built using the most stable FSF sources with various bug fixes and enhancements.

Following is the consolidated list of basic downloads required for any application:

Windows Operating System:

From KPIT GNU Tools:

  1. GNUH8 / GNUSH v0503 Windows Tool Chain (ELF) – The Compiler tool chain which is integrated with HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop).
  2. GDBH8/GDBSH v0502 Windows based Debugger (COFF/ELF Format).

From Renesas Tools:

  1. HDI Dwarf2 Reader (Version (For v0304 Tool chains onwards) – ELF object format Reader for debugging the GNUH8 / GNUSH applications in HDI. This is a DLL, which is to be copied (i.e. overwrite) into the HDI directory.
  2. HEW 4.x

RedHat Linux Operating System:

From KPIT GNU Tools:

  1. GNUH8 / GNUSH v0503 Linux Tool Chain (ELF) – The Compiler tool chain.
  2. RFlash v2.0 Utility – Flashing utility on RedHat Linux.
  3. GDBH8/GDBSH v0502 Linux based Debugger (COFF/ELF Format).