HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop) for KPIT Cummins GNU Tools

The KPIT GNU Toolchain installers for Windows detect and plug into HEW (High-performance Embedded Workshop). HEW is an Integrated Development Environment providing a graphical Windows front-end to a variety of compilers and other tools for Renesas (formerly Hitachi and Mitsubishi) micros.

Please note that support for HEW 1.x, HEW 2.x and HEW 3.x is discontinued. We request users to upgrade to HEW4.x.

You may download the latest HEW v4.x NTC (no toolchain) with RX, SH, H8, M16C, M32C and R8C simulators via the www.kpitgnutools.com site as follows and then install the KPIT GNU toolchains.

  1. Register and log in to KPIT Cummins GNU Tools and Support.
  2. Download and run the HEW v4.x GUI installer.
  3. Download the KPIT GNURX / GNUH8 / GNUSH / GNUM16CM32C toolchain you require and install it. The installer will detect your HEW installation and will add support for KPIT GNU tools to it.


  1. HEW v4.05 or above is required for HEW support under Vista.
  2. HEW v4.05 or above is now available at the following link, http://www.kpitgnutools.com/latestToolchain.php